What is ExpertGlossary?: ExpertGlossary is a glossary search engine that is designed to make learning about topics through glossaries easy. Multiple glossaries are accessed to provide a more complete view of the topic of interest.

What are the benefits of ExpertGlossary?: The goal of ExpertGlossary is to make finding definitions qiuck and easy. To accomplish this, this site includes the following features: multiple glossaries, fulltext search, nearby terms, permalinks, source references, and many more.


How can I link to a definition?: How can I link to a definition? Search and browsing pages are not permanent links in that the content of those pages can change. To link to a definition, click on the permalink link that appears in search and browsing result lists. This will take you to a permanent link that you can use for linking.

How can I cite a definition?: Click on the Cite This Definition link shown with each term.

How can I tell what source a definition came from?: The source of each definition is listed in each listing. A link is also provided, if available, for you to download the source directly.